EVOCORSE OlympiaCorse 6,5×16


  • Size: 6,5Jx16”
  • Min ET 44, Max ET 54
  • Min PCD 98×4, Max PCD 120×5
  • Weight depending on the application: 8 to 8.9 kg
  • Standard color: white
  • Available colors: silver, gold, anthracite, mat black, bronze
  • Use: tout-terrain rally, light off-road
  • Material: aluminum alloy A356-T6
  • Steel inserts: 60° taper included
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OlympiaCorse is the alloy wheel for gravel rally in light aluminum alloy, available with a strength/weight ratio at the top of its class.

The design has been accurately studied in order to have the material only where necessary, removing any needless detail: technology and essentiality for maximum performance. The rim contour allows the use of the largest multi-piston brakes, easing the tire mounting.

OlympiaCorse is available in 16″ size for road and light off-road use; while the 15″ version is conceived exclusively for the heaviest duty on gravel rally and allows unique lightness, thanks to its style optimized with the finite element