ATL Racell 10L


FIA / FT3-1999 approved:
Constructed from a unique, tough plastic alloy (FIA Homologation No ATL-565)

Length x Width x Height:
203 x 203 x 381mm

Please note that all Racells experience some swelling when subjected to fuels (typically 2-4% linear). Please allow 2 weeks for Racell bladder dimensions to stabilise.

Ideal for Time Attack, hillclimb, autocross, grasstrack and drag racing.

Supplied with:

  • (1) Flush-fit Filler Cap
  • (2) -8 Fuel Outlets
  • (1) -6 Rollover Vent Valve
  • (1) -8 Fuel Return
  • Internal Safety Foam Baffling

Variations Available:

  • Racell with blue foam (SA-AA-015)

Tellimisel 2-3 nädalat

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