SPARCO Victory Hocotex, suurus 52


Väga heas korras, õhuke ja hingav Hocotex materjalist kombinesoon

Suurus 52




The Victory race suit from Sparco is constructed using revolutionary Hocotex I4L material which is 4 layers in 1 complex sandwich. This material offers a much higher level of protection with a huge saving in weight over a traditional 3 layer suit.

  • Light weight and less bulky than traditional suits
  • Improved protection against heat and flame
  • Highly breathable elasticated panels provide comfort and maneuverability
  • Ultra flat seams for reduced pressure points and irritation

The Hocotex material used to produce the Victory race suit is 3 times more breathable and 30% more fire resistant than traditional suit materials. It is also 30% thinner making it incredibly light weight and comfortable to wear. The suit utilises semi floating pre-curved sleeves which allow for optimum movement with reduced material bunching when in the driving position. Hidden side pockets are handy for storing small items and an adjustable belt provides a closer fit.

4-in-1 Layer (330-360g/m² material weight).