PIRELLI GM 185/70-15


Pirelli GM™ is a tyre for use on gravel roads, developed for rally cars.
The tread pattern design has been optimized for the specific use in dry, moist, wet or mud conditions according to the compound chosen. The strength of Pirelli GM™ is in its versatility of use. A unique asymmetric tread able to work both as directional or tractive, ensuring maximum performance in all weather conditions.
The first identifies the compound developed for use on dry, ideal for constant of high performance levels on compact ground or hard abrasive with high temperatures. The GM compound ensure traction and lateral grip to the limit on wet roads at low temperatures . With GM8 performance levels are enhanced on mud at low temperatures.


Working pressure values depend on the size of the tyre in relation to the load that it is subjected to. In other words, it will vary according to the type of car, the weight and conditions of use.
In particular, as the weight of the vehicle, speeds and accelerations that the tyre is subjected to increase, the working pressure must be increased. In any case, tyres should not be used at pressures below 1.6 bar.
Using excessively low pressures would bring about the breaking of the tyre due to excess force on the sidewall or unseating from the rim. “Hot” working pressures are usually in the range of 2.2 – 2.5 bar.
Initial inflation pressures vary in order to obtain these values, depending on whether the tyres are preheated or used “cold”. Indeed, preheated tyres can be inflated to slightly lower values than cold tyres.
The difference will depend on the type of heater, the time it remains and the environmental conditions.