Pirelli K6 185/70-15


Thanks to the asymmetric pattern, a good general tire. The pieces on the inner edge guarantee good traction and braking. With the help of the outer edge, excellent lateral grip and excellent directional stability are achieved. 

The tire is also available as a supersoft (8) compound, which is excellently suited as a front-wheel drive rear wheel and all-round for light cars.


Thanks to Pirelli’s advanced frame technology, the tire is light and offers excellent steering feel. The tire is available in three compounds, medium 4, soft 6 and supersoft 8, whose properties remain the same until the last miles of the tread. The tire also offers value for money with its durability.

  • size 185/70-15
  • K6 – soft
  • diameter 638 mm
  • weight 12.7 kg
  • tread width 165 mm
  • rim recommendation 6″

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