TILLET P1 Rib Protector


The 2015 P1 affords you the highest level of rib protection and comfort available without increasing the thickness, or reducing the feel from the chassis.

The P1 has adjustable rear angle to adapt to many different body shapes. The soft suede-plastic outer skin does not allow the bolts to damage the race suits, whilst the rigid internal composite side panels spread the loads perfectly and retain their shape even on a hot day.

The P1 has a comprehensive 6 model size range, to suit the smallest bambinos up to the largest adult driver, with a ladies versions also available.

You also have a choice of three colours, red, blue and grey.

Kartingmagazine.com have released a review of the Tillett P1Rib Protector,click here.

Size range chart is the same chart as the R4:

C 22” – 26” 56 – 66 cm
XS 26” – 32” 66 – 81 cm
S 32” – 36.5” 81 – 93cm
M 36.5” – 40” 93 – 102 cm
L 40” – 44” 102 – 112cm
XL 44” – 48” 112 – 122cm


View our P1 fitting guide here.



C, XS, S, M, L, XL