ZERONOISE Valiant kiivriside lahtisele kiivrile


  • Ideal for clubman competitors
  • Ear pads for comfort

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These ZeroNoise Valiant intercom headset is ideal for clubman competitors who require a great quality sound at a reasonable price. The kits are universal and will fit most helmets. The speakers are mounted into ear pads for maximum comfort and hearing protection.

  • Excellent value for money, ideal for clubman competitors
  • 6.35mm male stereo jack plug suitable for the ZeroNoise Valiant amplifier
  • Speakers mounted in ear pads for increased comfort and hearing protection
  • Kits available for open or full face helmets

The Valiant intercom headset kit includes speakers and a microphone. On the open face option the microphone is mounted on a flexible boom to allow for optimum positioning. Both versions of the kit include a 6.35mm male stereo jack plug which is compatible with the ZeroNoise Valiant amplifier.