CARTEK 16 kanaliga lülitipaneel


●8/16 User Configurable Channels (no Laptop required)
● Selectable current settings of 5, 10 or 15 Amps. Combine two channels together for 20, 25 or 30 Amps
● Selectable Functions such as:
– Momentary action (Starter Motor, Washer Pump etc)
– Latching (with memory)
– Latching (without memory)
– Latching with Time Delay (Heated Screen)
– Flashing (Indicators etc)
– Toggling (Headlights High Beam/Low Beam)
– 0v Momentary action (use as ordinary switch for ECU Map etc)
● Over Current and Short Circuit Protection – no Fuses or Relays needed.
● Multi coloured Label Sheet included for full customisation.
● 2 Back light settings as standard.
● 8/16 Momentary Switch Inputs – allowing any channel to be operated by an additional switch or the CARTEK Wireless Control System.
● 8/16 ECU Inputs – allows the ECU to turn on channels such as Fuel Pumps.
● 4 Dedicated function inputs – Flash Input for Lights, Wash Input for Wipers, Wiper Park position etc.

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