DAVIES CRAIG EWP80 Nylon elektriline veepump + controller


DAVIES CRAIG EWP80 electric water pump + digital controller

EWP pumps have been designed to replace and back up the current mechanical pump driven by your engine belt.
They are made from extremely light, anti-corrosion plastic.


– Universal fitting on to the top and bottom of the radiator hose (kit provided with the necessary fittings).
– Extremely durable.
– Greater engine power.
– Better cooling capacity.
– Fuel savings.
– Lower CO2 emissions.

Water pump supplied in a kit complete with elbows and adaptors for various hose diameters.

Technical specifications:
– Motor : 12V
– Operating power : 3V DC to 15V DC
– Maximum amperage : 7.5A
– Maximum flow : 80L/min
– Operating temperature : From – 40°C à 120°C
– Type : Recirculating centrifugal clockwise
– Weight : 900g
– Material : Nylon
– Burst pressure : 3.5 Bar
– Diameter: 32 to 51 mm hoses