• Min ET 9, Max ET 40
  • Min PCD 98×4, Max PCD 114.3×5
  • Weight depending on the application: 6.3 to 7.5 kg
  • Standard color: white
  • Available colors: silver, gold, anthracite, mat black, bronze (+12,00€/pce)
  • Use: tarmac rally, track
  • Material: aluminum alloy A356-T6
  • Steel inserts: taper (60°, 90°) or flat included
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X3MA is the 15-inch superlight alloy wheel obtained from a special low pressure casting aluminum alloy that provides extraordinary strength and lightness.

The design and the incredibly low weight – less than almost 2 kg compared to the best alternative on the market – ensure better handling, acceleration and brake cooling. Equipped with steel inserts that provide maximum tightening of nuts, X3MA features a rim contour specifically designed to prevent debeading with low inflation pressure.

X3MA is available for Renault Clio (both Phase 1 and Light) and Peugeot.


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