Malpassi kütuseregulaatur (sissepritse)




If you replace the standard fuel pressure regulator with another adjustable model, you can easily improve performances of the standard injection system. With our Rising Rate regulator the base pressure variation with the same boost vacuum value, is not “linear” but “progressive”. You can enrich as rpm increase while keeping a clean idle. It has been designed to provide a costant fuel pressure under any load (from idle to full throttle) and driving conditions, high-flow delivery and superb pressure control. Ideal for modified street cars/motorsport/racing. Fuel pressure will be stable into system even at engine off. Our regulator is  manufactured in special alloy by casting, and each unit is assembled by hand and tested to assure accurate working.

  • For applications on aspirated a/o turbocharged engines
  • 1:1.5 air/fuel rate
  • Compatible with alcoholed fuel (E85)
  • 2 x INLET/OUTLET port 1/8″ NPT
  • 1 x RETURN port 1/8″ NPT
  • 1 x  vacuum a/o boost connector, 5 mm tail, on 6×1 mm threaded port
  • Base pressure ajustable from 1 to 8 bar (with proper pump)
  • Supplied with 2 connectors (1/8″ NPT to 8 mm tail) + 1 blanking plug 1/8″ NPT


It can be fitted in by-pass position (you need 3 connectors), between pump and rail, or in standard position on return line (in this case one of the two ports can be blanked with the plug or connected with a pressure gauge). Variuos models of rail adaptors (replacing the original regulator) and 1/8″ NPT connectors available a part.