MONIT Brake Bias Adjuster Dial

320.00 375.00 

  • Easily adjust and view your brake bias
  • Built in LCD display
  • Water resistant

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This Monit brake bias adjuster dial allows the driver to adjust and view the position of their brake bias. The adjuster has detent ‘clicks’ every ¼ turn, the built in LCD display showing the number of detent clicks the driver has made from their preferred ‘zero’ point. The preferred zero point is set by a simple press and hold of a button so once adjustments have been made the driver can easily return the brake bias to their set zero position.

  • Built in LCD display that displays the position setting of the vehicle’s brakes
  • Can be installed on new and existing balance bars and pedal boxes
  • Available as a bulkhead mounting or a square mounting
  • Water resistant and no wires are required
  • Enable pin point accuracy of brake balance setting
  • Brake position displayed continuously
  • Compact in size, quick and easy to install

The dial has been designed to fit pedal boxes and balance bars from AP Racing, Tilton, Wilwood, Alcon, OBP and many more. Complete with mounting fasteners, a flexible shaft and has a 7/16” and 3/8” balance bar threaded adaptors. Remote brake bias adjusters can have up to 80 clicks of adjustment making it extremely difficult for the driver to remember where the brakes are set. The driver can see the brake position on the display at a glance and they are able to make adjustments to the brake bias in changing conditions.

The bias adjuster is compact in size and measures 45mm (1.77 inches) in diameter. Installation is quick and easy, replacing an existing bias adjuster knob is typically a 10 minute job. No wiring is required, the display is powered by a replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery that will last 18 months with the screen on constantly all the time. A low battery warning indicator will alert you when the battery needs to be changed.