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Professional Rally Co-Driver / Navigator Alloy Foot Rest

Material: 2mm Aluminium

Dimensions: (H) 180mm, (W) 270mm, (D) 150mm

Tootekood: OBPA040 Kategooriad: , Silt:

Professional Rally Co-Driver / Navigator Alloy Foot Rest. (Small)

Fantastic product for all rally cars, professionally made in our own UK factory.

Over recent years we have been inundated with requests from customers for something different than our bare aluminium finish. In response we have created our signature ‘Dark Matter’ black finish which can be purchased as another choice.

Aluminium Products have always been a core part of obp Motorsport’s product line up. Over the years we have become world renowned for high quality craftsmanship and reliability. Each obp Motorsport Aluminium Product is handmade in the UK and goes through rigorous quality checks before it gets delivered to your door.