OMP CESAL5 8865-2015 tulekustutus süsteem


It’s a fire extinguisher system, electrically activated, suitable for saloon cars. The system it’s homologated FIA 8865-2015. One single bottle made in aluminum. The extinguisher can turn off the fire in few seconds injecting 2 different fire-extinguishing medium. AFFF (Black side) to protect the engine bay and the clean agent NOVEC1230 (Green side) to protect the cockpit. The system it’s pressurized. 3 black nozzles are for the engine bay in order to protect the most critical and dangerous parts depending on the type of vehicle, 2 green nozzles arefor the cockpit to ensure the driver protection. Fixing brackets, clamps, tubing and connections are included.

Diameter 160mm. Weight: 6 kg. Lenght: 350 mm.

“L” version suitable for medium-large sized cockpit.

“S” version suitable for small sized cockpit.

CESAL5S & CESAL5L spare parts and components

Tubings: CD/415 (90° end connection), CD/412 (3-way connection), CD/416 (straight connection), CD/414 (Y shaped connection),  CD/323/A (aluminium tubing), CD/324/10/N (fire resistant sheath)

Nozzles: CD/410 (cockpit nozzle), CD/393/N (engine bay atomizer nozzle), CD/409 (bracket for cockpit nozzle)

Electric parts: CD/360 (control box), X/CAB/CESAL4 (wiring) , EA/467 (push button), X/181493 (protection for push button)

Other parts: CD/417 (fixing bracket and clamps), X/855 (Sticker)

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160 mm

6 Kg (only bottle)

350 mm

1.2 to 2.1 m3 –  “S” version suitable for small sized cockpit.
2.1 to 4.1 m3  – “L” version suitable for medium-large sized cockpit.

Homologated for use on:
petrol + up to 30% ethanol or methanol (E30)
petrol + up to 85% ethanol or methanol (E85)