OMP KS-1 Pro FIA Body Protection



FIA homologated karting body protection. Outside in resistant polycarbonate material, inner lining in nitrile rubber and shockproof memory foam that dissipates energy in case of accident. KS-1 PRO offers complete protection to the driver (ribs, front and back) combined with maximum comfort thanks to the internal padding and the exclusive auto-adjustable fitting system. Adjustable shoulder and lateral straps with velcro, shaped front shield to get best comfort and higher protection.

Tootekood: KK049178 Kategooria: Silt:


S (homologated from 116 to 152 cm height – suggested for 63-71 cm chest circumference)

M (homologated from 152 to 170 – suggested for 69,5-80 cm chest circumference)

M wide (homologated from 152 to 170 – suggested for 79,5-90 cm chest circumference)

L (homologated from 170 to 188 – suggested for 77-90 cm chest circumference)

L wide (homologated from 170 to 188 – suggested for 78-100 cm chest circumference)

XL (homologated from 188 – suggested for 90-105 cm chest circumference)

XL wide (homologated from 188 – suggested for 105-120 cm chest circumference)


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