Rally Pace Note System’s Original Pacenote Book has been used by many World Champions including Marc Marti/Carlos Sainz, Derek Ringer/Colin McRae and Daniel Elana/Sebastien Loeb as well as many top co-drivers, Dan Barritt, Torstein Eriksen, Anders Jæger-Synnevaag, Ilka Minor, Cato Menkerud, John Kennard, Jarek Baran, from around the world.

The Original Pacenote Book measures 265 x 195mm and contains 125 pages. They are printed with a light grey grid to reduce glare with five lines for notes, on a guaranteed high quality matt paper ideal for pencil, making it easier to write and erase your pacenotes. The book is reinforced with a thick base board to stiffen them for handling and writing on. They come individually shrink wrapped for protection.
At the heart of the system is the unique binding which not only allows a full 360 degree turnaround but also lets you take the book apart and reassemble it in seconds – wherever you are! This allows stages to be noted in any order. The bindings are very strong so they do not crush and powder coated to allow free movement of the pages. The books can be taken apart and rearranged by simply twisting the binding in or out of the punched pages.
All parts of these books are sold in separate packs.

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