PIAA V-RF 20″ Ledbar komplekt


The new V-RF series lights are the latest PIAA production line LED bars which are lighter, slimmer and better performing. These lights can be used in traffic as well in off-road.

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  V-RF7 V-RF10 V-RF20 V-RF30 V-RF40
Pikkus 7″ (177mm) 10″ (246mm) 20″ (522mm) 30″ (798mm) 40“ (1005mm)
Kõrgus 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm
Sügavus 54mm 54mm 54mm 54mm 54mm
Kaal 493g 640g 1265g 1850g 2500g
Valgus temp. 5800K 5800K 5800K 5800K 5800K
RAW LM 2.500 3.800 8.800 14.000 18.000
Võimsus 30W 45W 105W 165W 210W
Candela 99.600 112.400 233.000 263.000 247.000
IP klass 67 67 67 67 67
ECE ECE R112 ECE R112 ECE R112 ECE R112 ECE R112