SCHRADER digitaalne manomeeter


SCHRADER digital tyre pressure gauge

LCD sreen with backlight.
Graduated from 0.35 to 10 bar.
Accuracy : ± 1%.
0.05 bar increments.
Operating temperature : from -10 to 50°C.
Easy to read : extra large display.
Backlight display.
Durable rubber grip handle.
Conform to the European Directive 89/336/EEC.
Included interchangeable batteries.

For use on : Cars, Motorcycles, Light trucks, Trucks.

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1. Push nozzle of gauge onto tyre valve. Make sure a good seal is made between the nozzle and the valve stem.
2. Hold gauge on valve stem until reading locks on the display.
3. Promptly remove gauge from valve stem and read tyre pressure. You may continue to use the gauge, even though the previous reading is still displayed, by following the instructions above.
NOTE: The gauge will shut off automatically.

Helpful hints:
– Always be sure to follow tyre manufacturer’s recommended pressure ratings which are based on “cool” tyre temperatures.
– To clean the gauge, use a soft damp cloth. Do not immerse in, or spray with, water or other liquid cleaner.
– Power: 3 interchangeable LR44 lithium batteries.