SPARCO Competition H-3 Steel


  • FIA 8853-2016 approved
  • Quick and easy to adjust
  • Ultra-light high load buckle

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Experience enhanced safety and seamless adaptability with the Sparco Competition H-3 6 Point Harness, a top choice for saloon/GT endurance racing, plus many other Motorsport disciplines. This harness is designed for quick and easy adjustments, making it ideal for multi-driver races where swift transitions are key to stay ahead in the race.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 3” Shoulder Straps with Steel Quick Adjusters: These wide, durable straps offer enhanced safety and comfort. The steel quick adjusters ensure a precise fit, crucial for maintaining optimum safety levels during races.
  • 2” Lap and Crutch Belts with Pull Down Adjusters: The narrower lap and crutch belts provide a comfortable fit without compromising on safety. The pull-down adjusters, mounted near the buckle, facilitate quick and easy adjustments, essential during driver changes in endurance races.
  • Ultralight High Load Buckle: This buckle is designed for maximum load bearing with minimal weight, enhancing your car’s performance by reducing unnecessary weight.
  • Snap Hook Fixings and Roll Bar Loop Attachment Option: Offers versatility in shoulder strap attachment, allowing customisation based on your vehicle’s setup and your personal preference.
  • Quick Release Tabs on Adjusters: These tabs provide ease of adjustment when wearing gloves, crucial for quickly fine-tuning the fit between different drivers in a race setting.
  • Compatibility with or without FHR Devices: This harness is versatile, catering to your safety needs irrespective of whether you use a Frontal Head Restraint device or not.
  • FIA 8853-2016 Approval: Meets the latest safety standards, ensuring that you are equipped with gear that’s not only high-performing but also compliant with current regulations.

The Sparco Competition H-3 6 Point Harness focuses on both safety and improving your racing performance. Its quick adjustability ensures minimal downtime during driver changes, keeping you ahead in the race. The harness’s design and features work together to provide a perfect balance of safety, comfort, and efficiency, catering to the critical needs of racing drivers.

Take your racing safety to the next level. The Competition H-3 Harness offers you the safety and adaptability you need in the competitive world of Motorsports. Its ease of adjustment makes it a smart choice for any race team looking to gain an edge in multi-driver races.

FIA 8853-2016 approved


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