• Fully adjustable seating position
  • Rock solid chassis
  • 40mm chassis piping

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Sparco Evolve GT-R Sim Racing Chassis is a high quality chassis made from 40mm piping that provides a very strong and solid feel. It’s not only designed for the “casual” gamer, but also for the experienced racer seeking maximum performance and the same driving position that hours of Sparco studies with Rally and GT cars have determined.

Research conducted by Humanetics has allowed the development of a product that gives virtual pilots a highly immersive driving experience.

  • Made from high quality 40mm chassis piping which gives this rig a very solid feel
  • When not in use it can be easily folded up and put out of the way
  • Seat sliders to help give you the perfect driving position

Sim Racers can adjust the Evolve GT-R frame in a number of different ways, through adjustable sliding guides, tilting and sliding steering wheel and pedal plates, and a tilting and height-adjustable seat, so as to set their optimal driving position.

Two hinges in high-strength steel, allow the entire simulator to be folded and moved with greater ease. The Evolve GT-R is suitable for base mounted seats and also side mounted seats when used with the Evolve Pro mounting brackets. There is a wide range of sim racing buckets seats that you can choose from, just head over to our Sim Racing Cockpits & Seats category where you can select the perfect seat to add to your Sparco Evolve GT-R sim racing chassis.

Compatible wheels: Thrustmaster: T300, T500RS, TX, TSPC Racer Logitech: G25, G27, G29, Driving Force PRO, Driving Force GT Fanatec: Clubsport Wheelbase V2, CSL Elite wheel base

Compatible pedal sets: Thrustmaster: T3PA, T3PA PRO Logitech: G25, G27, G29, Driving Force PRO, Driving Force GT Fanatec: Clubsport V3 + inverted, CSL Elite Pedals + LC


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