SPARCO GSM Car to Pit Intercom


  • Military grade nexus connectors
  • Roll bar or dash mounted
  • Single volume control

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The Sparco GSM Car To Pit Intercom is a simple and cost effective way to communicate clearly from pit to car via this SIM card driven GSM device. The unit is 12v powered (lead included) and is controlled by a simple on/off volume switch. It features a nexus female plug and can be adapted to suit most helmet headsets with either adaptor leads or male to male extension leads.

  • Single volume control with on/off indicator
  • Can be mounted to a dashboard or roll bar
  • Military grade Nexus connectors compatible with most helmets / intercom headsets

It also comes with an antenna with multi surface mounting. As long as there’s a mobile reception with the SIM provider in the area, it works in a similar way to a mobile phone.

Communication is commenced when the pit crew call the intercom number. The driver will hear an acoustic signal to indicate a communication is incoming. Open communication between the driver and crew can then proceed. The driver is able to adjust the volume during the communication via the control knob on the unit.

A SIM card (not included) is required for this intercom to work. Once a suitable sim is inserted and the unit is switched on it may take a while for the network to register so it is recommended there is a few minutes wait before calling the intercom.


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