• Tilt lever and back adjustment on both sides
  • Adjustable headrest support
  • Comfort and support for extended driving sessions

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The Sparco GT reclining seat joins the Sparco line-up of performance seats featuring a strong tubular frame design finished in modern high-tech synthetic upholstery materials that offer both practicality, comfort and support focussed on a classic GT driving style.

  • Built using high-quality durable materials
  • OEM derived reclining back with adjustment on both sides
  • Deep side and leg bolsters for better support during spirited driving

The Sparco GT seat features an outer trim and headrest in Sparco’s Sky vinyl offering a stylish hard-wearing finish that is easy to maintain. The centre section upholstery also features modern high-tech microfibre soft cloth trim which offers strength, comfort and looks that is also easily maintained, resists creases/wrinkles and retains its shape for improved, hygiene and longevity.

The GT seat features recliner adjustment on both sides, adjustable headrest height, lumbar support adjustment and tilt lever functionality that makes this seat suitable for a wide range of applications in either left or right position.