SPARCO Prime 2022


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  • FIA 8856-2018 approved
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Close fitting & comfortable

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The Sparco Prime race suit is an evolution of the previous Prime Pro model. The all new Prime has been optimised in every way possible to provide the ultimate balance of comfort, safety and weight reduction.

  • Ultra lightweight. One of the lightest FIA 8856-2018 race suits available
  • Lightweight, breathable stretch panel in the lower back for improved comfort and mobility
  • Fully floating sleeves with breathable bellows provide freedom of movement
  • F1 derived epaulets reduce pressure points on the shoulders when an FHR device is used
  • Dupont Nomex outer material provides high levels of protection and benefits from having anti static properties

The Sparco Prime race suit is constructed utilising the very latest high-performance material and state of the art technology and manufacturing processes. The Prime uses modified attachments (cuffs, zip, stretch material, epaulettes etc) that are optimised for weight saving and comfort, making it one of the lightest suits currently available off the peg today. The smallest weight saving details such as a lighter, slimmer zip, lighter wrists and ankles, neck and shoulders all help to reduce weight to ensure weight savings down to the very last gram. Ultra-thin seamless stitching on all decorative items, and thinner stitching on structural components to give a flat stitching pattern. Floating sleeves and stretch panels on the back are made from a light, ultra-breathable fabric. The outer layer is a double face mesh made from DuPont Nomex® comfort fabric, which contains a high percentage of anti-static fibres which provide extremely efficient anti-static properties. With valuable experience gained from F1, an FHR device friendly shoulder epaulet is designed to reduce pressure during competition with the integrated handles aiding extraction.

Multi Layer – Ultra lightweight
FIA 8856-2018 approved


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