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Designed using the most innovative CAD software available, the QRT-R seat is built around a brand new concept. The frame has been designed to be installed even in the narrowest car interiors, and its aggressive design emphasizes the seat’s racing pedigree and increases its structural rigidity. It has a new cushion divided into 2 parts and new stitching, in two configurations: saddling in fabric or sky. Fixed using lateral fastenings with 290mm spacing.


Shell 5.900g

Seat 7.600g

Shell Sky 5.900g

Seat Sky 7.600g

Designed and developed in Italy by Sparco, QRT technology is destined to generate the world’s lightest fibreglass frames and to define the features of the sports seats of the future. With this technology Sparco sets new standards of seat performance, reducing the unit weight by 30% compared to previous seats – enabling unprecedented mechanical strength/weight ratios in fibreglass sports seats.

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