STILO DG-10 Raid


  • Digital active noise cancellation with SDA filter
  • Adjustable volume for the Driver and Co-Driver
  • Camera and radio connections
NB! Adapters AC0204.2 required - not included

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The Stilo DG-10 Raid Digital Intercom stands out in the world of off-road vehicle communication. Its high maximum volume and digital noise cancellation are perfect for noisy rally cars and off road vehicles. The DG-10 Raid offers unparalleled clarity and volume control in the most demanding environments.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Digital active noise cancellation provides exceptional sound clarity by filtering out background noise which leads to clearer communication.
  • Digital active noise cancellation with SDA filter cuts through the intense background noise of racing environments, ensuring the instructions are heard loud and clear
  • Female connections ensures compatibility with various Stilo helmets, making it a versatile choice for drivers and co-drivers.
  • Both the driver and co-driver can adjust voice returns, and the voice equalisation adjustment ensures that every command is heard with precision
  • There are multiple modes that include road/stage switch, 3 EQ settings, and 4 digital noise cancelling modes allowing drivers and co-drivers to adapt to changing environments swiftly.
  • Auxiliary camera connection enables the connection of an additional camera, enhancing the capability to record and analyse stage footage.
  • Powered directly from the vehicles 12 volt supply

The main attraction of the Stilo DG-10 Raid is its ability to deliver crystal clear communication in the loudest racing environments. Its advanced noise cancellation technology and multiple customisation options ensure that drivers and co-drivers stay connected and informed.

Experience the ultimate in rally communication technology with the Stilo DG-10 Raid Digital Intercom. Its superior sound quality, adaptability, and compatibility with various Stilo helmets make it an essential tool for any off-road racing.

Please Note: AC0204.2 adaptor is required for use with Stilo helmets