STILO Wireless WRC kõrvaklapid


  • Wireless communication for road sections
  • Superb sound quality
  • Compatible with DG WL-10 amplifier

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These practice headsets are compatible with the Stilo DG WL-10 intercom amplifier to create a wireless communication solution for road sections or recces. The headsets simply connect with the amp via bluetooth to provide clear communication with no wires to get in the way.

  • Compatible with Stilo DG WL-10 wireless amplifier
  • Wireless communication for road sections or recces
  • High quality noise cancelling microphone for superb voice clarity
  • Comfortable ear cups block ambient noise
  • Flexible microphone boom for optimum positioning which does move with vibration or bumps

The Stilo wireless WRC practice headsets feature extremely comfortable ear cups which effectively block out ambient noise. The noise cancelling microphone ensures excellent communication quality and the flexible boom allows for optimum mic positioning. Although flexible the boom will stay in position even over the roughest of terrain.