ZERONOISE Fury Digital


  • Adaptive noise cancelling technology
  • Provides clear and concise communication
  • Compatible with various helmets and headsets

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Experience crystal-clear communication, even in the most challenging rally environments, with the ZeroNoise Fury Digital Intercom Amplifier. This cutting-edge device uses adaptive noise cancelling technology ensuring crucial pace notes and instructions are heard first time, every time.

Key Features and Benefits:

Adaptive Noise Cancelling Technology: Significantly reduces ambient noise, enabling focused and clear communication crucial for understanding pace notes in noisy cockpits.
Simple User Interface with Front Facing Buttons and Independent Twist Volume Controls: Offers ease of use and flexibility, allowing drivers and co-drivers to adjust modes and audio levels individually.
Four Selectable Pre-Set Modes (Terrain, Boost, Engine, Road/Stage): Each mode is designed for specific conditions. The Terrain mode targets road surface noise, Boost amplifies voice volume, Engine mode suppresses engine noise, and Road/Stage mode blocks or allows external radio communication.
Robust Design with Anti-Shock, Anti-Vibration Cover: Ensures reliability in harsh rally conditions, guaranteeing consistent performance and giving teams confidence in their communication equipment.
Nexus Connectivity For Helmet / Headset Comptibility: Allows connection to a range of intercom brands including ZeroNoise, Bell, OMP, Sparco and Stilo
Versatile Power Supply Options: Powered by a 9V internal battery or the vehicle’s 12V supply, with a supplied filtered power cable to suppress electrical noise ensuring uninterrupted performance.
Audio Output for In-Car Camera Systems: Enabling seamless connection to in-car camera systems adding co-driver and driver communication to the recorded footage.
The ZeroNoise Fury Digital Intercom Amplifier enhances rally team performance through clear, uninterrupted communication between the driver and co-driver. This clarity is essential for understanding and reacting to pace notes to gain the best performance from the driver, shaving vital seconds from stage times.

Consider adding the ZeroNoise Fury Digital Intercom Amplifier to your rally communication setup. Its advanced features and customisable modes are designed to enhance your team’s performance. Make it a part of your journey towards rallying excellence.

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