• FIA 8856-2018 approved
  • Reduced carbon footprint production method
  • 3 layer quilted design

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The Futura race suit from Sparco utilises the very latest “Full Efficiency” technology. This new technology uses regenerated materials from Sparco’s other safety products, ensuring there’s minimum waste within their manufacturing process without effecting the products level of safety.

  • Produced using ‘Full Efficiency’ technology making it a ‘greener’ suit.
  • Floating sleeves for improved mobility
  • Breathable stretch panels improve comfort in the driving position
  • Printed branding to keep weight to a minimum

This latest 3-layer suit features a clean, quilted design which gives a high-quality finish and a number of technical attributes, including floating sleeves with pre-formed arms aiding flexibility, soft stretch breathable panels positioned on the side and lower back that increase the level of comfort whilst seated. The suit also features printed branding, an adjustable Velcro belt, soft knit collar, knee and elbow area along with concealed side hip pockets.

3 Layer

FIA 8856-2018 approved. (SFI 3.2A/5 approval available on request, please call or email for details).

What is the regenerated material used to manufacture the suit.?

The regenerated material used in the manufacture of the Sparco Futura race suit starts out as new off-cuts of material from race suit production, which previously would have been thrown away. This material is then de-constructed back to a thread form to allow it to be woven as a new piece of cloth which is used to form the inner lining and areas of the outer of the Futura suit. This process allows Sparco to reduce CO² by 7kg for every suit produced. Great news for the environment and for the suit wearer as there is no detrimental effect to performance or safety.


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